January 21st 2016

Today I seem incapable of getting drunk. I mean, I’ve tried. I’ve had like, six pints, which should be enough to at least put me in somewhat of a good mood. But instead I’ve just left the club two hours before it closed because I was sober as a judge. 

It’s like I don’t allow myself to get drunk. 

I get to a point and then I’m like ‘nope, not anymore’ and then I go for a walk around, get some ironic fresh air in the smokers area, and then decide to leave and go and get a subway. 

I’m the most depressing drunk I know. I have to try really hard to have a good time because the drink doesn’t do it for me – and I’ve spent a fiver to get in and a fiver on every bottle of Magners I bought in the club. 

It got to about two, and I just had to go. Fortunately, Alice was ready to go too. So we went and got a Subway and called it a night. 

Id been looking at my watch every five minutes since we got in the club. 

we got home and the cats were there to greet us, and that’s a much nicer way to spend An evening. 

Until tomorrow, Subway and cats. 



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