January 23rd 2017

Today I tried to put my life back to normal after two weeks of incapacitation. For a fortnight I’ve been hurt, ill, or in pain in some form or another. It started with back pain, and then I fell down the stairs, and then I got the flu, and then I got an ear infection. And I still kind of have an ear infection, I just can’t sit around and cry any more.

So, at lunchtime I went out for my first run in two weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 22.32.29.png

Like I said, I’m not over my ear infection, so my run was more difficult than I’d hoped it would be, but I’m glad I went out. Not running for a fortnight had got me down, and made me feel a bit stir crazy. And even though my legs hurt now, and my breathing went to pieces afterwards, it was good to be back out running.

I’ve got big running goals this year, and my training for 2017 hasn’t started particularly well because of the aforementioned illnesses and/or injuries, but I hope that now I can start to train with more regularity. Who needs to be able to hear out of both ears anyway?

I think I caught the flu partly from Alice and partly from work. Alice got over her flu but I think she’s now somehow caught the work-flu off of me, so she went home early from work today. Which meant that I had to look after her.

We’d begun a rotation to separate the cooking responsibilities wherein I cook at weekends and Alice cooks during the week, but in the first week of that rotation I became ill so Alice has been looking after me for two weeks. So today I got to return the love in some way.

I cooked enchiladas.


Enchiladas with Quorn chicken (don’t ask), and a homemade salsa verde.

Why is your salsa verde red when it literally translates to ‘green sauce’?” you might ask.

Well, it turns out the recipe I was reading from was an American recipe. It said ‘cilantro’ instead of ‘coriander’ which I kind of understood but when it said ‘tomatillos’ I assumed that it meant ‘tomatoes’ but it didn’t – so there you go.

They were nice though – just a bit too much cilantro, and – unfathomably – slightly too much cheese.IMG_7475.JPG

I’m happy to be feeling better. When I’m ill I’m that annoying person who can’t remember what life was like when I was healthy, and I just sit and stew and get depressed over my ill health.

I’m usually a pretty healthy person, so I’m hoping that this is my annual cold, and I’ll be in top condition for the rest of the year.

Although, I still can’t hear properly out of my left ear.

Until tomorrow, can you repeat that please?


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