January 26th 2017

Today I finished designing my online magazine.

Oh yeah, I’m starting an online magazine. I probably should’ve mentioned that on here before, but I was kind of scared that it wouldn’t end up happening, and then it’d just be an empty promise and another unfinished project. But now it looks like it is going to happen, so I can talk about it.

My goal with the magazine is simple. I know a lot of creative people, but a lot of them don’t really have an outlet through which to showcase their creativity and talent – specifically with writing. So I began approaching people who I knew had an affinity for writing, and asked if they’d like to be involved.

I asked them to contribute one article of around 500 words on culture. On sport, or films, or music, books, travel, photography. I wasn’t too restrictive on content or subject, because that’s kind of my aim.

Currently if you want an outlet for your work you’d have to try and get a job with *shudder* the Daily Mail or something. And at that point you lose all creative integrity.

What I want with my magazine is to give writers a place to be opinionated, truthful, and personable within their work without having to worry about conforming to the guidelines of the Daily Mail and their political agenda.

That’s why I’ve started the magazine.

Currently I have articles from seven writers that I’ll work with my designer to curate into a magazine. Although it’ll be hosted online because I can’t afford to print and circulate it, I wanted it to still be in a traditional print layout. Double page spread, front and back cover, page numbers, page turning. I wanted to create a complete piece of media.

I like the thought of having a both self created and crowd-sourced magazine that if I wanted to I could print out and hold in my hands. That’s why I didn’t just start a website and load the articles onto another blog. It’s that sense of completion from having a cover-to-cover document, and the achievement of having created it.

My goal is to source enough content to create one magazine per month, with each issue having a different theme. At the moment I hope to be able to get the first issue out on February 1st, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

I’m helped by the fact that Alice’s dad is an extremely talented graphic designer who is willing to help me with this – for which I am so grateful.

We just about nailed down the design for the front cover and the editorial page this evening, as well as a completed example of what an article and accompanying photograph will look like.

Acquiring images/photography has proven to be the hardest part so far. I’m trying to do everything completely legitimately, and so I’m not using an copyrighted images within the magazine, which means either using original photos from my own contacts, or finding and using images that are licensed under the Creative Commons act and can be re-used with or without accreditation.

Finding images is difficult, but getting the content has been manageable. With one exception, every person I asked was interested in the project, and they’ve all produced something, and I’m really happy with the contributions that I’ve had.

Seven articles + something from me might leave the magazine looking a bit thin, but part of the beauty of online media is that I’m not restricted by printing press requirements. I can basically have it how I want it.

This could be a really cool thing for me to do, and I’m already really happy with what I’ve got.

I don’t know where I’m headed with this.

Until tomorrow, but I’m excited to find out.


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