January 27th 2017

Today I played rock and roll bingo. The premise of rock and roll bingo is very similar to usual bingo wherein you tick off numbers that the MC calls out in the aim of getting ‘a line’ ‘two lines’ or a ‘full house’ except in rock and roll bingo the MC doesn’t call out numbers he plays snippets of songs. 

You have a card that contains a list of songs. As such: 

And then the guy plays a load of music and you tick off the songs that you have. As such:

And you basically just hope that he plays all of your songs before he plays all of somebody else’s. The difference here is that there is a bit of skill involved because you have to know what song is being played because he only gives you like the first 5/10 seconds. 

This is where Alice comes in. 

She is an absolute monster at this game. She can easily get the name of a song within the first two chords – for songs you’d never think she’d have even heard of before. One of her unique talents is being able to recite the lyrics to a song after hearing it only once. 

It’s admirable, really. And it came in handy in this game. 

My cousin Kelvin won. 

Well. He won the ‘one line’ prize out of the four games we played. The ‘two line’ prize was £50 and the full house prize was £200. But Kelvin won a bottle of prosecco which is almost as good as a bottle of prosecco I guess. 

He was the first and only one of us to complete one of the ‘challenges’ before any one else in the pub. 

We used his prosecco (even though it was obviously rose wine) to create a drinking game wherein we assigned shots to certain quadrants of the board and had to take the shot if that song was played. 

It was a simple game, and it was nice to vicariously win something. 

And we had a nice evening. 

We got drunk. We are nachos. We laughed. He sang along to the 15 seconds of the songs that were played that we recognised. It was good. 

Until tomorrow, we even finished the nights with some shots. 


2 thoughts on “Bingo

  1. What a cool form of Bingo. I have never heard of “Rock and Roll Bingo” but what a great way to hang out with friends, have fun and a few good laughs. I would not be very good at it as I don’t think I would guess all the songs..


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