January 29th 2017

Today the only exciting thing that happened to me was beating my high score on Jumpy. Jumpy is a side scrolling iPhone game similar to Super Mario wherein you have to collect coins and jump over things. It’s one of those frustratingly addictive ‘beat-your-own-high-score’ games like Flappy Bird except you don’t flap, you jump.

When Flappy Bird was a thing I forbade myself from downloading it because I knew that I’d become obsessed with it in much the same way as I have done with Jumpy. Those sort of games – where you can’t really ‘win’ you can just improve slightly and gradually – are too addictive for me, and I end up investing far too much time into them. Like today, where other than watching 3 disks of a Gray’s Anatomy boxset with Alice, the only thing I did today was beat my high score on Jumpy.

It’s annoying, because for once I had nothing planned. We had a busy Friday and Saturday so we were looking forward to a bit of a lazy day today, and we certainly got that. Of course there are a load of productive things that I could’ve done with my lazy day, but that would’ve just gone against everything that I seem to stand for in life.

I’ve now deleted the Jumpy app. I told myself once I got my score to over 100 then I’d delete it. And I did. I often go through these phases of iPhone game addiction, and it’s just a completely unproductive way to spend time. So it had to stop.

It frustrates me endlessly that I cannot seem to be able to use my free time to my benefit.

I think I need to treat my projects how I treated Jumpy. I need to set myself an attainable goal and be satisfied when I reach it. For example, the only time I’ve really committed to writing a novel was when I wrote 60,000 words in a month for NaNoWriMo – and that’s 2000 words a day.

That’s no longer a realistic target, so I shouldn’t compare myself to that. 500 words a day would probably be a good target. Except, that’s also my target with these blog posts that I put out. And, to be fair, a 500 word post takes about 10 minutes to write. If I’ve got a topic in mind I just open my laptop and let a stream of consciousness pour out of my fingertips.

Perhaps that’s the tactic.

Or perhaps I’ll find a new iPhone game to distract me from my shortcomings.

Until tomorrow, 500 words.



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