January 30th 2017

Today I met the CEO of my company whilst covered in mud and sweat. He’d flown over from Germany to give a presentation to the British branch of the company, and I’d just come in from a lunchtime run. I was waiting in reception for the showers to become available, and he came down the stairs.

Of course, with my naturally awkward disposition I just kind of waved and mumbled hello. Ignoring the fact that he’s the second most important person in my company, and the fact that I looked like this:

Some kind of innate sense of business within me somewhere told me that it would’ve probably been a good idea to introduce myself, but the logical part of me reminded me that my shoes looked like this:


I’ve been known to over-analyse social situations, but is it different with business? Maybe, I’m still finding out. Although I’m fairly sure that a man in that nice a suit does not want his hand shaken by another man with hands as muddy and sweaty as mine were.

I’ve also just realised that I was wearing odd socks, which is also not a good look. But, they only look odd if you can see the toes, and I had my shoes on so I think I’m all good.

I showered, and then went to the company roadshow that he’d come over to present at.

Until tomorrow, I was significantly less muddy the next time I saw him.


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