January 31st 2017

Today we very nearly finished creating the first issue of my new magazine. In the end I received eight articles from people I know, on topics from books, and games, to films and sport. With the help of my graphic designer (Alice’s dad) I curated them into a 24-page magazine. I say ‘with the help of’, but actually he’s done it all. He’s like, super talented and it all looks really amazing, and I’m so happy with it.

I’ve had my work in magazines before, and I’ve got a hardback copy of a novel that I’ve written, but this feels different. I think it’s because it’s so visual. I scroll through it and I think ‘that looks so good’, you don’t really get that with a novel (except for the front cover, but you know how that saying goes…) And with the other magazines that I’ve written for, they look cool and everything, and it’s always nice to see my name in print, but it’s not mine. 

To be fair, I’ve not actually written anything for the magazine. I didn’t write an article, those were all provided by my writer friends. I’ve taken the role of editor-in-chief. So I’ve edited the content provided to me (not too much, just enough to make it fit nicely on the page etc) and I’ve worked with my designer (Alice’s dad) to fit it all into the magazine. My one written contribution still needs to be completed. I need to write an editor’s note to go at the front of the magazine as an introduction to the issue, and to the brand.

We’re so close now. I wanted to get it out before the end of the month (which was officially one minute ago as I write this), but now it’s looking more likely to be the end of this week. Design is basically done, the website is being built, I just need to finish the editorialising of the entire issue, and then we can go live.

It’s exciting. I’m really excited. And I’m proud.

Until tomorrow, and I can’t wait to share it.


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