February 2nd 2017

Today I found the passport that I lost three years ago, it’s in Cardiff 90 miles away.

Let me explain.

I got a text from my friend Josh saying ‘You lost your passport?’ Immediately, I was extremely confused and simultaneously terrified. I’ve had ‘passport’ written on my hand for three days to remind me to did my passport out of my cupboard because I got to Germany on Tuesday.

Anyway, I get this text and wonder ‘what? how the? eh?’ I text back  and say ‘no, why?’ because I’ve not lost my passport. Not recently at least.

Then Josh phones me and explains.

He’d got a text from this guy Charlie that Josh and I used to work with, and Charlie goes to Cardiff University, and Charlie saw a post on Facebook that said something along the lines of ‘Does anyone know this guy? I’ve just found his passport’, and Charlie recognised the guy in the photo – it was me –  and it also said my name on it, which helped, and Charlie didn’t have my phone number, and I’m not on Facebook any more, so to get in contact with me he text Josh and Josh text me, where Josh explained all of that to me.

Make sense so far?

Then Josh gave me Charlie’s number so I text him, and he explained the situation to me as well. Basically, this girl posted on a Facebook group that Charlie is a part of, and he recognised me. Charlie gave me the girl’s name and I re-activated my Facebook and sent her a message saying ‘Hey, this is random but I think you have my passport.’

It turns out that she lives in the same student house that I did when I was at Uni, and she found my passport when she was moving her room around.

That’s when it kind of made sense. I did lose a passport when I was at Uni (obviously). I’d got back from a skiing trip, but it somewhere, and then never saw it again. Apparently it ended up under the bed, somehow. I turned the room upside down looking for it, and since I lived there, three other tenants have been in that room – which tells me that the letting agents do an awful job of cleaning the rooms when you leave. Great.

Anyway, she’s shredded the passport for me. I don’t need it, I bought another one soon after I’d given up hope finding the old one.

But that’s such a random story. Although, I guess in a way it’s not random. I put it somewhere, and  – due to the fact it’s an inanimate object and thus cannot move by its own volition – it stayed there.

What’s more random about it is that she put it on Facebook, someone I know happened to see it, and he messaged Josh who messaged me.

It’s funny, I’ve just remembered that I wrote a blog about losing the passport in the first place: https://fillingmyblanks.com/2015/07/17/passport/

I guess it was two years ago then, not three.

Until tomorrow, small world.


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Great blog! Actually not too random for me because I have had things returned to me as well. Yes, things. Another story another day.


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