February 3rd 2017

Today I’m on the train after a work night out. I’m struggling, I won’t lie. I have to stay awake until I reach Kemble and I’m struggling. Instead of writing a blog post I’m gonna uploada video instead. 

The link below is a video from when we moved into our own home. 

It was like, 6 months ago now but let us ignore that. It hasn’t been unedited for 6 months it has been unuploaded for six months. That’s what it’s been. 

It just kinda took me ages to upload the video. 

And I decided that tonight was a good night. 

We moved into our new house on October 14th  and now, on February 3rd I upload the video. I didn’t move to Kemble. I moved to Cirencester. 

That’s fair enough, in some way. I guess. 


Until tomorrow, I moved into my own home.


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