February 4th 2017

Today I’m a whisker away from being able to release my finished magazine. I did a final editorial run through today and fixed any errors that I found. I printed the entire thing off on plain A4 paper, just so that I could see it complete. It’s weird how it’s easier to find mistakes in it when it’s in your hands compared to on the screen.

I made a couple of minor copy changes, and a few design tweaks, and then I signed it off.

It’s done.

However, the website that will accompany and accommodate the magazine isn’t quite done. When a few changes have been made to the website, then I’ll be ready to release the magazine.

It’s a magazine on culture, on sport, art, books, and movies.

It was technically supposed to be an issue for January – and it still is – but it’ll probably be over a week into February by the time it’s released. But that’s okay – Daily newspapers are about news that happened the previous day. They haven’t quite figured out how to publish and print the news as it happens yet, although I guess that’s just called Twitter.

Plus, I’m proud of this and I want it to be as close to perfect as possible. Although I guarantee that a typo will have snuck through my meticulous examination.

Until tomorrow, that’s why I’m not rushing this.



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