February 5th 2017

Today I sat and watched as Alice built me a desk. I’ve finally bought a desk for my office – that is currently more of a spare room than an office.

We roadtripped to IKEA in Bristol for the sole purpose of buying a desk. We must’ve been in the office showroom section of IKEA for an hour whilst I ummed and ahhed and sat in various seats at various desks, pretending to type on the fake IKEA laptops – trying to visualise what it would be like to sit and work at the desk. Long story short, I couldn’t decide between two desks so I bought both of them. Kind of. One is sorta an extension of the other. I wanted to have storage, and space, and by combining the two I got both.

After we picked it up from the warehouse, I had a brief period of panic where I thought ‘That definitely isn’t going to fit in my car’ 



And then I paid for it, and got to my car where I had a brief period of panic where I thought ‘that definitely isn’t going to fit in my car.’ Long story short: it did.




We got it home, and managed to get it up the stairs between us.

But then we had to rearrange the entire office/spare room to get it where we think we want it to be. img_7641

Moving the bookcase meant that I had to empty it first. That’s roughly the time that I realised that I have too many books.


And then Alice set to work.

It should probably emasculate me that she’s handier with a hammer than I am, but – although it’s true – that’s more of a compliment to her than a detriment to me.

She’s just very good with a hammer. I’m okay with that. My ego can take that. So, I was in charge of the instructions whilst she was in charge of the construction. I’d put the pieces into place and then she hammered and/or screwed them in.

It’s IKEA, the instructions and minimal and the pieces are many.

Somehow, between us, we managed turn a pile of wood on the floor into a pile of wood that resembled a desk.



We were working for a solid two hours, and we still didn’t finish it. We got to the point where we A) wanted to sleep, and B) didn’t want to annoy the neighbours by hammering at gone 10pm. So we’re going to have to return to it tomorrow.

I’m happy to have a desk. I’ll be happier once it’s all set up and my office is complete. I think that a desk, and a proper office will make me a more efficient, more productive human being. I’ll have a space to work when I’m not at work, and I can finally have my own writing space within my house where I can just retire to, open up my laptop and type.

Until tomorrow, I’m looking forward to that.



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