February 6th 2017

Today was a pretty successful day all round to be honest.

Firstly, I won the 5km race that my work’s running club hosts every month. That’s now two months in a row that I’ve won it, which is something I’m pretty proud of. Unfortunately, my shocking performances in the three races prior to last month mean that I’m unable to win the entire six-race series overall, but I’m still glad to have won two of the five races so far. I also ran a personal best 5km time of 22:45, but only kind of – the route up and down the canal is 5km, but my watch only classed it as 4.9km. So that’s annoying.


When I got home I finished building my office. Yesterday I bought a desk and started building it, but it got to like 11pm so I had stop and finish the rest off this evening.

The second desk was easier to build than the first, and I built this one mainly without Alice’s help. And I’m really happy with it. I’m even more happy knowing that 36 hours ago it was a lump of wood in a box in an IKEA warehouse, and now it’s a desk standing in my office that I built from scratch. I mean, I know that IKEA furniture is basically somewhere between LEGO and Meccano in build difficulty, but I still think it’s pretty cool.


There’s still work to be done, but after I finished everything I could with the office I packed for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m going on my first ever business trip, which is exciting. We’re off to Germany for two nights for meetings with our parent company. Because I’ve never been on a business trip before I’m worried that I packed too much whilst simultaneously thinking that I’ve forgotten something.


As ever, the only thing I need is my passport. The rest is optional or purchasable, so I’ll try not to worry too much.

Until tomorrow, ein erfolgreicher Tag.



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