February 7th 2017

Today I flew to Germany on a business trip with work. It’s my first ever business trip, and my first time out of the country this year.

I love being out of the country.

We flew to Frankfurt from Bristol this morning on a little three-seat-wide microlite. I think it was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on – excluding the one I did a skydive out of.


The plane ride took about an hour and a half. At one point we went through a patch of turbulence, and I was momentarily afraid that our little plane wouldn’t win it’s battle with the clouds.


But we landed in Frankfurt unscathed. Frankfurt airport doubles up as it’s train station, and being in a German train station reminded me of my time interrailing Europe on a train. I tried my very best to navigate the self-serve ticket machine, but eventually gave up and went to ask the attendant (in English). 

Our train was an ICE train. 300km/h with wifi, and complete comfort.

There was probably more room on the train than there was on the plane.
There was definitely more room on the train than there was on the plane.

I always say it, but train travel is one of the most underrated forms of transport. It’s more comfortable than flying because you’ve got more room to get up and move around, it’s cheaper than flying (in Germany, at least), it’s less hassle than flying because there’s no customs or security, which makes it usually faster than flying except in the occasions where – you know – there’s water to traverse.

We got to Karlsruhe about 5pm and checked into the hotel. IMG_7658.JPG

My room came with a lovely view of the train station that we’d just arrived at.


For some reason, the carpet in the hotel corridor’s was covered in poppies. I dunno, I thought that was weird.



We left the hotel and went to explore Karlsruhe for a bit. From what I can tell it’s this massive city full of office buildings that is completely devoid of people. It’s probably because we were exploring on a Tuesday evening in January, but there just didn’t seem to be anybody about.

There’s a wonderfully symmetrical castle that I’m hoping to run to tomorrow morning.


After we did the touristy thing of taking photos of castles we went and did the German thing…


Until tomorrow, Pilsner.



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