February 8th 2017

Today I had a 400g steak for dinner.

We went to this restaurant in Karlsruhe, Germany called ‘Brick + Bone’ (It’s stylised that way, I’m not just being lazy. I don’t know if it’s pronounced ‘brickandbone’ or ‘brickplusbone’ – I didn’t ask.)

FullSizeRender 50.jpg


It was a nice place. The wine menu looked like the original hand-written old testament. (no comment…)

FullSizeRender 48.jpg

Ross, being a common welshman, gave up reading it after the first page and just said “a bottle of the house red please”, to which our waiter said “uhhh, house red?” and Ross said “uhhhh, das Malbec, ja?”

Apparently in posh steakhouses they bring the meat out to show you before you order it, so you know what kind of thing you’re getting. I apologise for the blurry photo but I was trying to do it on the sly so people wouldn’t think I was too out of my depth in a place like that. FullSizeRender 47.jpg

The waiter talked us through every cut of meat, and none of it meant anything to me. So I just copied Ross when he said “das Prime New York Strip 400g with frites, ja?” except I had mine with a jacket potato instead of chips.

FullSizeRender 49.jpg

The meat was monstrous. I think 400g is the largest steak I’ve ever had, it was definitely the most expensive, and probably one of the nicest.

Until tomorrow, the Germans sure know how to cook meat.



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