February 2nd 2017

Today we stayed up waiting to see the lunar eclipse, but it got too cloudy and we got too sleepy. Apparently tonight there is a lunar eclipse of a full snow moon and a comet at the same time. This is, to people in the know, a big deal – or so I hear.

I used to love this kind of stuff, back when I got excited by the small things. I have a memory of being stood in my Grandma’s garden with most of my family, all wearing a pair of those special spectacles that you got in the newspaper, staring up at the sky for a solar eclipse.

I don’t know why I remember that, but I also remember that after it was over, my Grandad took off his glasses and saw a little caterpillar on the wall. I don’t know how old I was, but I’d guess at about eleven.

I thought that, in these times especially, it would be nice to sit up and watch an eclipse. Because it’s such a simple, yet fantastical uniqueness about the earth. And paired with a comet, I thought it might’ve been quite poetic, quite romantic.

Except the sky clouded over severely four minutes before the eclipse was due to start and it hasn’t cleared up since.

One reason I like eclipses is because they feel like once in a lifetime events. Like, this unique combination of occurrences won’t happen again for another twenty years. And who knows what stage the world will be in by then. In the future, we might get to see the eclipse from the other perspective, because we’ve had to colonise the moon due to the aggressive radiation that came after the impending nuclear fallout – or something.

Days and weeks come and go, a year is slightly longer but we know how it works, but the next time that that particular set of lunar and solar circumstances occurs I’ll be middle aged. I might be married. Possibly kids. And that suddenly gives a new perspective on life. Instead of thinking in months it makes me think in decades. And that’s daunting, but it’s only ever temporary. And in this case, I didn’t even see the eclipse anyway.

Until tomorrow, I’ll catch the next one, maybe.



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