February 12th 2017

Today I released the first issue of my online magazine. For the past few months I’ve been working on creating a pop culture magazine with articles about sport, film, music, literature, politics and more. Today it was finally ready to release.

And with that, I’m proud to introduce Feed Magazine.

In this issue, we sum up the last twelve months in sport, film, and music.

Each issue has a theme, and the theme for the first issue is ‘2016 – a year in review’. 

2016 wasn’t a great year, for reasons that are obvious (and described in detail in the Politics section of the magazine). For those exact reasons, 2016 was a year where escapism became an essential coping mechanism. Film, sport, and books became a necessary distraction from reality.

Sure, last year gave us Donald Trump, but it also gave us the Olympics, Sir Andy Murray, a Frank Ocean album, a Star Wars and a Harry Potter(ish) film, and Pokémon GO. There was a lot of good to keep us distracted from all of the bad. And in this issue of Feed Magazine, our writers sum up their favourite parts of pop culture in 2016.

You can read Feed magazine on the website, www.feedthemag.co.uk.
Or, through Issuu, at https://issuu.com/feedthemag/docs/feed-1.
And follow Feed on Twitter, @feedthemag.


Until tomorrow, FEED: The voice of popular culture by young creatives.



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