February 11th 2016

Today I ran ten miles in the snow. I woke up and felt uncharacteristically motivated for a Saturday morning and decided I wanted to go for a long run. I can usually never psyche myself up for a long weekend run, and you’d’ve thought the fact that it was snowing would’ve made me even less inclined, but somehow the opposite was true. It was the snow that persuaded me.

I wrapped up warm in a hoody and leggings, and headed out.


I’ve only ran around Cirencester once previously, so I went out with no real route in mind, other than an idea in my head that I wanted to end up at Cirencester park. I’m not great with directions, and I don’t really know where Cirencester park is from my house, so I kind of just headed out and figured if I ran far enough I’d find it. And that’s kind of what happened.


The snow made the run both challenging and fun. And pretty. It was so pretty. The fact that it was pretty somehow made the run easier. I was enjoying being out, and that’s half the battle with running. There’s the physical, and the mental fitness required. And running in today’s conditions made the latter a lot easier to deal with.

I ran aimlessly for about 5km before I made it to Cirencester park. It turns out that the park is actually only about 500 metres from my house, but it took me 10x the distance to get there. Standard.

At least it added more distance to my run. I was aiming for 10 miles, but my running watch died after about 7miles so I’m not sure exactly how much I did.


I’d guess I finished at just under 10 miles, which was a productive way to spend a Saturday morning.

After looping through the forest and ending up on a polo pitch I made it to the tip of Cirencester park, and started to come back on myself. At times it felt like I was running through Siberia or Canada, with the tall, snowy trees surrounding me.


The reason that I was heading for Cirencester park was because there’s a single long straight path that runs directly through the middle of the park, which as well as being a photo opportunity, makes for a good grand-slam sprint finish, because it’s roughly a kilometre in length, and is slightly downhill.



My watch was dead so there’s no real way of knowing, but that last kilometre was probably my fastest of the whole run.

I felt so good afterwards. The run had actually made me happy. Being outside in the brisk Winter, breathing air so clean and crisp that you can feel it in your lungs, and running in the snow. I don’t usually like snow, but running in the snow is great.

Until tomorrow, I guess it was more of a frost.



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