February 13th 2o17

Today I got an email from a guy asking if he could write for my magazine. I only launched the first issue of my magazine yesterday, and I’ve already had a request to ask if someone could be involved in the next issue. That’s crazy.

I haven’t quite processed how that makes me feel yet. Immediately, it makes me think that what I produced was good enough for someone else to see it and think ‘I want to be involved in that’ which I guess is a good thing, so I’m going to take that as a good thing.


When I was in the process of creating it, I noticed that it was quite easy to convince the people I approached to be involved with it. ‘Convince’ is perhaps the wrong word, I thought it would be more difficult. I thought it was naive of me to assuming that people would be willing to give up their time to write an article for me, for no benefit to themselves other than the pride of the work.

But it turns out, that was enough. Perhaps it’s just the bubble of people I associate myself with that are like this, but my generation is full of dreamers.

No one I know grows up wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer any more. People want to be creatives. Writers. Filmmakers. Artists. Musicians.

We don’t want to make money, we want to make art. Perhaps that’s too pretentious to be true… maybe more accurately, we want to make money making art. We see YouTubers and singers and writers making money from their art, and think that it’s easy. And that’s what we aspire to. Well, I do at least.

So I think people just want to create things. We’re not content with consuming.

And that’s why it was easy to get people interested in contributing to the magazine, because people want to be part of something.

Until tomorrow, who knows, maybe the magazine is something.



(You can find the magazine at

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