February 24th 2017

Today was Rock and Roll bingo part 2 with Steve. It’s apparently becoming a monthly occurrence, insofar as we’ve done it every month this year. 

I realise that that is two months so far, but it’s a 100% success ratio this year. 

We’ve also had a 100% success ratio in our winnings. Last month we won a bottle of prosecco, and this month one of our group won second prize – £50. Except, the £50 was to be shared between all five winners of the £50 prize. So, our team member got £10 – which she put toward a bottle of prosecco for us all. Bless her. 

The thing about Rock and Roll bingo is that for the entire game you just assume that you’re going to win. No matter how far you are away from being able to call bingo, you just assume that you’re going to hit six in a row and call bingo for £200. 

Of course, that didn’t happen. 

I’ve explained before, but I’ll explain again. Rock and Roll bingo is like bingo but instead of calling numbers they play clips from songs, and you tick off the songs you hear. 

It’s always a good laugh. 

We asked a girl to take a photo of us, but she took it at a sideways angle. I guess that’s how the youth of today are taking photos. Sideways. Artistic. 

We had a good night. Three quarters of us drank, and the other quarter didn’t. So we had a nice balance between sober and fucked up. 

We still didn’t win big though. 

And now I’ve come back for a pizza. 

And it’s taking ages. 

Never mind it’s here. 

Until tomorrow, Domino’s with Steve. 



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