February 25th 2017

Today I had dinner in a mansion. Our family friend is a successful businessman, and so he’s got a pretty big house.

He has an interesting view on business and success. When he speaks about his business he almost sounds regretful, because sure, it’s become successful enough to allow them to live how they do, but to get to that point he’s had to almost sacrifice his entire adult life.

But that’s who you’ve got to be to be successful.

He had the drive and motivation to build a business from a window cleaning company, to a national home improvement specialist, and it made him a shit tonne of money, but it cost him as well – mentally.

He said that he wouldn’t want his son to end up like him, because it’s no life. He’d rather his son just be happy.

That’s interesting to me. Because to me, success can be measured by money. But that’s because I don’t have any. He doesn’t seem to feel that way.

To him, the entire monetary summation of his life’s work is less important than his own sanity and happiness.

So does that readjust one’s focus?


My motivation has always been to achieve success. But is success money? Is it value? Is it worth? Yes, but maybe value isn’t money in a traditional sense.

I want success, but I perhaps don’t have the same drive as he has. To be properly successful you need that drive.

I’m wondering if I have enough of that.

I’m doing pretty well, but I have a habit of comparing myself to others.

He works hard. And he works hard every day and has done for 40 years. He doesn’t switch off, he’s completely focused.

But now he’s done.

He’ll always be that character, but now he’d rather have a life than have the responsibility.

Me? I’ve not really started. Of course it’s a different trajectory – my career path – with online content, writing, creation, the success is not as tangible or quantifiable or even as rewarding as traditional business.

But online is where modern business is heading. And I’m already part of that, but he isn’t. And that’s something he accepts, and it was interesting that I could almost teach him about these new phenomena that will become the businesses of the future.

The Internet.

Not a new phenomena, but a new business model. One built on ad-sense and page views. And that’s new to him, but not to me. So it was fun to discuss that with him, with the context of what you can achieve if you work hard enough.

Until tomorrow, you’ve just gotta work hard, that’s it.



2 thoughts on “Business

  1. I think *one type* of success can be measured by money but you can make a shed load of money and be totally unsuccessful in other areas of your life, relationships etc. I’m not thinking of your friend who sounds a sensible, thoughtful guy. There must also come a point that you can’t do anything else with yet another million, surely? Work hard to make enough money AND enjoy life at the same time would be my advice. Thought provoking post! Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.

    1. Yeah I’d agree. I spoke with my Dad about it, and he said that he measures success by looking at his family and seeing how he’s raised us. That’s success to him, not money. It’s interesting.

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