February 27th 2017

Today I bought a GoPro. Actually, that’s not true, I bought it on Saturday. Actually, that’s still not true. My mum bought it for me on Saturday, and I’m going to pay her back for it when I get paid tomorrow. So I guess technically I’ll buy a GoPro tomorrow.


I also bought various rigs and accessories to go with it. I’m going skiing on Saturday, and a GoPro is a perfect camera for skiing. I’m only kinda sorta almost a little bit worried about looking like a knob with a camera strapped to my helmet and/or chest and/or wrist, but I figure, everyone’s doing it now, aren’t they? I don’t think I’m even going to be the only one in my group with a GoPro, so that’ll make me feel less of a knob.

The investment is all part of this constant need to document my memories online. The last time I went skiing was two years ago, but I can’t remember barely any of it. All I can remember is what I wrote about it, here:  (and the days before and after that) 

Now as well as being able to read about it, my GoPro will let me see what it was like too. And that’s kind of the purpose of all of this. With it strapped to my head it’ll almost be like I’m there, back on the slopes when I watch it back.


My pack also came with a seflie stick for the GoPro, which would give a better angle, but I’m gonna guess that I’ll be better off with a head-rig than having to sacrifice a ski-pole to hold a selfie stick.

Plus, a selfie stick is 100% guaranteed to make you look like a knob.

Until tomorrow, especially when you fall over because of it.



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