March 1st 2017

Today I started working on the next edition of my monthly online magazine. When the January issue came out I told myself that I’d try to get the February issue out on March 1st. Well, it’s March 1st and look where we are… I guess my defence would be that I forgot that February only has 28 days, so I was misled by how close it actually was to the end of the month, your honour.

So, as it’s now 11pm, I’ve accepted that the magazine isn’t going to be finished today, but another difficulty I have is that I go skiing on Saturday. So that means I won’t be able to get it out this weekend either, and if I want to get it out next weekend then I’m going to have to be working on it whilst I’m on holiday – which I’m fine to do, I guess.

The good news is that, because we nailed down the design template for the first issue, and the website is already built, the second issue doesn’t require nearly as much work as the first. I currently have three out of the eight pieces of content that I need. I should hopefully have four more by this weekend, and then I need to write one myself, which puts us up to the required minimum of eight (that I’ve just decided on). 

The production side is not a massive amount of work on my end, I just need to collate the content, edit it, and send it over to my designer to build into the template, and then review the drafts. I can just see that that might be difficult to do whilst hurtling down a mountain covered in snow. And I’ve also just found out that we’ve got to pay for wifi – which is a bit of a farce.

But, I’ve committed to this magazine, and I’m still excited by it, I just, y’know, forgot that there are only 28 days in February. Like, seriously, who decided that? It’s a daft idea. And then sometimes there’s not 28 days in February. Daft.

Until tomorrow, stupid Gregorians (probably).


To view the first edition of my magazine visit www.feedthemag.co.uk

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