March 3rd 2017

Today I almost bought a Wispa and broke my lent. Alice and I decided that we’d give up chocolate from Pancake day and Easter Sunday, so it’s been, what… three days so far? And I don’t even really like chocolate, it’s just something to eat, and the fact that I can’t eat it makes me want to eat it.

Historically, I’ve not had much of a sweet tooth, but since I started full time work I’ve had to find some way of filling the gap in my stomach that appears something between 3:30 and 4pm. Quite often it’s with cake.

There’s a rule in my office wherein if you leave your computer unlocked and walk away from it, a colleague is within their rights to ‘cake’ you. Which means they’d go onto your computer and send an email around the entire floor saying ‘Does anyone want cakes? I’m buying!’ or similar. That and frequent birthdays and whatever means that there’s usually a pretty consistent stream of baked goods hanging around the office. And on the days where there isn’t, there’s always the vending machine.

And there’s always Wispas.

I’ll always get one, more to fill the hunger hole than through any great desire or craving. Before I started work, if I was hungry I’d just make a sandwich or something. I don’t really have that option in the office so I started to eat chocolate more frequently than I’ve ever done before.

And so, as lent has come and we decided to give up chocolate, it’s been hard to find something to snack on when I get hungry between lunch and dinner. I had a jam donut yesterday, which – according to Alice – although technically isn’t chocolate, it’s still cheating the point of lent.

So when I went to get a glass of water today and saw the vending machine whispering out to me (wheyyy) I almost couldn’t resist. But I did. Instead, I had a bowl of porridge.

You know how unsatisfying porridge is as a breakfast? Now imagine how unsatisfying porridge is at half 3 in the afternoon when what you really want is six chocolate bars. Not fun.

Until tomorrow, I’m going to have stop carrying change with me.


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