March 6th 2017

Today was our first day skiing in Avoriaz, France. It started out beautifully:

We woke up that contrast of snow and sun, and went down to the skishop to get our kit.


Most of the day’s skiing was spent readjusting ourselves to it. I’ve been twice before but am still not good, my friends have been twice before and are better than me –  but they’ve had tuition each time they’ve been, I just kind of make it up as I go along. I’m still ploughing to turn, which is an inefficient way of doing so. We’ve decided that we’ll all get some lessons tomorrow to make sure that we make the most of our trip.

I can get to the bottom of most slopes, it just sometimes takes me a while because I’ve got to plough from side to side to slow myself down. Conversely, I sometimes get to the bottom really quickly, because one of the things that I am best at in skiing is going in a straight line. Fly down a slope in a straight line and you don’t have to worry about turning. You do, however, have to worry about cliff faces. Which is why when there’s a slope placed precariously close to a cliff, it takes me longer because I’m just ploughing the whole way.


Also, when the sun went away a snow blizzard swept in. (I guess a snow blizzard is just a blizzard, right?) This made the slopes quite bad for skiing. Which sounds stupid, but it’s true. Perfect ski conditions (for me at least) are an overnight snow that has been patted down by those big mountain snowtank JCB things. This means the slopes don’t have any big pillows in. Those big pillows in the snow (Officially called moguls) make it really difficult to ski, so hopefully we’ll have fewer of those as the week goes on.

When our snowday was over we went out for the night. Tonight was slightly less “big” than last night, we went to a sports bar and played 7 games of killer where I won exactly zero games of killer.

We also went to Globetrotters for dinner, where I had a beef burger with italian cheese and ham. It was great food, and a good atmosphere, for a price more reasonable than any other place we’ve been to in Avoriaz (since we arrived yesterday)


I tried my running watch on the slopes today, and apparently I skied 15km after lunch at a top speed of over 40km/h. That’s cool, I guess. I feel like it would’ve been more than that if I didn’t keep forgetting to turn it back on when I got off a ski lift.


Until tomorrow, that’s day one done.




2 thoughts on “Skiing

  1. This looks so nice! I went skiing for the first time recently in Austria and the lessons I had were invaluable, I went from never having worn a pair of skis to skiing the whole way down the mountain in 4 days! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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