March 8th 2017

Today I ended up on a black ski slope without really realising. I was just following the crowd and WOOPS ‘is this a black?’ ‘yeah you’ll be alright don’t worry’ 

The slope wasn’t actually that difficult, it was no steeper than any of the blues I’ve done, but it was just the fact that it was dotted with black poles that made it difficult for me. As soon as I let that get in my head I struggle. It’s a mental thing. If there’s a cliff edge, of I realise it’s a black, or there’s loads of people around, I suddenly panic and lose all any technique I might’ve once had.

And that’s kind of a double edged sword, or a double edged ski, because as soon as my technique goes it’s more difficult to control the skis which makes it scarier which makes me panic more, and I end up just chop, chop, chopping down the slopes. And that knocks my confidence.

After the black we ended up at a lift that only took you up to red slopes (black slopes are the hardest, and then red, and then blue, by the way), and I decided that it wasn’t wise for me to go up that lift if I thought I’d struggle to get down.

So I left the group and went off by myself. I went and found some blue and green slopes (green is even easier than blue), and tackled them in an attempt to rebuild my confidence and technique.

I also used the excuse to take a load of photos. 

That’s fun for me. I don’t enjoy being out of my comfort zone on difficult slopes. I like being able to ski down an easy slope, but do it well. And I like being able to take photos. It’s a shame the sky wasn’t blue.

I’ve brought a GoPro with me on this trip, and earlier I checked the footage from the last couple of days. So far I’ve used 16GB worth of storage on video of my feet. I think I’d attached the GoPro to the rig incorrectly, so it ended up just pointing at the floor when I’m skiing instead of out in front of me. 16GB of terrible, terrible technique.

That photo above is the closest my skis get to being parallel and that was on a chair lift.

I’ll have to fix the rig for tomorrow, and a combination of blue sky, a proper rig, and improved technique will make for some decent footage.

Until tomorrow, hopefully, at least.



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