March 10th 2017

Today was our final day of skiing. “And on the final day, they all had a lie down for five.” 

I won’t lie, I’m absolutely knackered. We’ve just been out for dinner, and we’re supposed to be going out for one final night out, but we came home for a quick nap that I think has just turned into bed time. It’s 1030 pm. I went to sleep like an hour ago, and I set an alarm – not to wake myself up ready for one final night out, but to do this blog.

I (still) won’t lie, I don’t fancy waking anyone else up. I might just finish this and go to sleep properly.

Skiing is hard work, and we didn’t get our late-afternoon nap in because we were out skiing until late, and then we went straight out for one final meal. And the meal was… heavy.

We splurged and got a raclette/fondu/charcuterie/hot plate between us. And it was just… a lot of food.

We’ve been living off burger and chips and pizza (not all on the same plate) all week because the food here is pretty expensive, but as it’s our last night we thought ‘fuck it’ and spent 30 euro each on a fondu.

I’ll say it again, skiing is hard work… so we’d built up a fair appetite.


I’ve enjoyed this holiday, but I feel like I need another holiday to relax and unwind after this one.


I can hear the other guys’ alarms going off. Damn.

Until tomorrow, I’m hoping we sleep through.


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