March 12th 2017

Today I just about finished working on Issue 2 of my monthly magazine. It’s supposed to come out at the start of each month, but it’s been a bit delayed this month because of my ski trip. I went on holiday with intentions of working on it whilst I was away, but other than sending a few emails and editing a couple of articles, that didn’t happen.

I mean, to be fair, that’s about all I do for the magazine anyway, but I just didn’t do that to the required scale.

I am tempted to write an article for it myself this month, but I first, don’t know whether I’ll have time, and second, don’t know if I want to be involved in that side of it. It would be nice to have a different outlet for more creative work, but anything that I’d want to write to put in there is the kind of thing I’d probably put on here anyway. I think keeping the ‘editor’ bit and the ‘writer’ bit separate works.

That being said, I’ve only got seven articles for this months edition, and I like to aim for eight. Eight articles will result in about 24 pages of content which is an ideal number for printing, if I ever decided to get it printed.

It occurs to me that I was going to get the last one printed but kinda never did. It also occurs to me that it’s now halfway through March, which is the third month of the year, so it’s like a quarter of the way through the year already. Fuck.

If I were to have released this issue of the magazine today, then I’d’ve had to have done more work when I was away, as it stands, I need to do one more evening’s work. That means I could get it released tomorrow night, but a Monday is a pretty dead night for plugging things, usually… But I also don’t want to wait until the weekend, because then we’ll be closer to April than to February, and this is supposed to be February’s edition.

Maybe one day I’ll get it ready to release on the first of the month – assuming that that first of the month is also a Saturday/Sunday.

When I started this magazine project I overlooked the fact that it would be a constantly active project, not one that just springs up two or three days during the month. But, I’m still hoping that it becomes easier with time, and it starts to run itself, and everyone knows what they’re supposed to submit, and by when, etc.

Until tomorrow, it’s all an education, and I’m still learning.


(You can find the magazine at

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