March 13th 2017

Today I am horrifically sunburnt. And I say horrifically not because it’s particularly painful, but more because it is incredibly embarrassing. I got this sunburn whilst skiing last week, and the thing is… it’s only on the bottom half of my face.

I was wearing ski goggles all week, so the area around my eyes was protected from the sun. My cheeks and mouth weren’t.


I showed up at work today looking like a fucking Electrode from Pokemon.


I showed up looking like Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight.

FullSizeRender 66

I showed up looking like a fucking fab ice lolly.

FullSizeRender 65

That last one is my favourite.

Who knew you could get sunburnt when it’s March, 4 degrees and snowing? Well, apparently, everyone else on the trip. They were all putting on sunscreen and I kind of, you know… didn’t.

It’s my youthful naivety at work. “Oh, I’ll be alright. I don’t burn.”

Yes. Yes I do. And I look like a fucking knob.

To be fair to me, it’s only bad because of the two-tonedness of it. If I was red all over then it wouldn’t look as stupid as it does. It’s just the red and white that’s funny – to literally everyone I saw today.

Hell, it’s even funny to me.

Until tomorrow, you’ve got to laugh…



One thought on “Sunburn

  1. Hi guys – Cool blog. I’m with a new sunscreen company out of San Diego who produces a multi-patented new sunscreen product ideal for skiers/snowboarders/climbers etc. Would you mind if used your photo in a single internet SMpost on Linkedin? The photo of you with goggle eyes of course lol. Either way, thank you. And if you are in the domestic USA I would be glad to send to you some products samples. Cheers! John


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