March 17th 2017

Today Alice and I went out for dinner for the first time in a while. Since we moved in together date nights have become more and more infrequent, which is a shame because we used to have one every Monday and it was the highlight of my week. Now, every night is kind of date night insofar as we have dinner with each other every night, it’s just, you know… in our own house.

If anything, we’re even better positioned to have date nights now that we live together, because our house is a five minute walk from town, which means that neither of us have to worry about driving, and we can both drink.

But, you know, having your own home is expensive, so we’ve had to cut down on our date nights. But today, Alice text me and said “Let’s go out to dinner tonight” and to me it sounded like the most perfect idea anyone’s ever had.

One of Alice’s super powers/hidden talents is that she can find a discount voucher for literally anywhere that we go, so it wasn’t even that expensive a night – so really, there’s no excuse not to.


So we went out, had a three course meal and two drinks each for fifty quid, and walked home hand in hand.


And that’s a perfect evening for me.

Until tomorrow, I just wish we did it more often.






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