March 19th 2017

Today, as Sundays go, was pretty successful – not for any particular reason, but more for a combination of reasons. As every Sunday should, it started with a run. I woke up early and went out aiming to run anywhere between 10 and 16km. I ran the route I planned to, which left me 500 metres from home with 9km on the watch, so, wanting to make double digits, I chucked another loop of Cirencester Park on the end and finished my run at nearly 13kms. Which, is exactly between 10 and 16km, as it turns out.

I also didn’t want my run to finish because I wanted to listen to all of Drake’s new mixtape whilst I was out. I did. It was good – very good.


I got home, showered, and Alice and I sat down to a continental breakfast – by that I mean a cinnamon bun and a chocolate twist that we picked up from the M&S reduced counter for 25p last night.

Then, Alice drove us to Marlborough (the furthest she’s driven since she passed her test) and we went birthday shopping – for her.

Four pieces of jewellery later we went for a Sunday roast.


Remember what I said about this being a perfect Sunday? It had to include a Sunday roast to be classified as a perfect Sunday. And, even better, the pub served Roast Lamb – with pigs in blankets. What a day.

When we got home we sat down and watched Patriot’s Day. All good Sunday’s include a film night.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 23.01.25.png

The film was very good. It was an accurate, at times funny, dramatic, and moving depiction of the events of the April 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. A star-studded cast combined with real-life stories, and real-life CCTV footage from the attack and it’s aftermath made the film both quality, entertaining and true to form.

It’s really good. The accuracy is almost scary, and at the end of the film they include interviews with the real-life survivors from the day. Mark Wahlberg’s character is sadly not based on any one individual, but is more of a composite of various police officers involved in the aftermath.

It’s an intense, but fascinating watch.

After that, we needed a lighter film to watch as our evening ran down, so we put on Mamma Mia. My My. Having that on in the background even allowed me to sit down and do some work. I’ve been waiting to find some time to start editing a video with all of my GoPro video from my Ski trip last week, I’ve just, y’know, been too busy eating Lamb and watching films and stuff.

It was a busy Sunday, where we got a lot done, but still found it possible to have some downtime in front of a film. I even got to watch a bit of football at one point.

Until tomorrow, that’s everything you want from a Sunday.





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