March 21st 2017

Today I made some progress editing the aftermovie of my ski trip to Avoriaz, France. All in all, I had four hours of GoPro footage, and I’ve got to find a way to condense that to a 6 minute video.

Cutting the length in half was easy, because I had about 2 hours of footage just of my feet from the first few days when I hadn’t figured out how to use the GoPro. I chopped out all of that but I was still left with two hours of footage.

This evening I got that down from 1hr57 to 1hr24, so… y’know… I’m getting there.

It’s kind of frustrating looking back on the footage, because it is almost good, but for most of it the camera is pointing about three foot too low.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 22.42.36

Like, that would be a nice bit of footage of a lovely tree-lined run, if the camera were not pointing at my skis. The problem was two-fold. First, my helmet was rented, which meant that I couldn’t attach the GoPro rig to it, because they’re very difficult to get off once attached, instead I had it on a chest mount, but that meant that any time I leant forward, the camera did too. And second, I’m not a very good skier. So, instead of standing up and looking straight down the mountain like I’d been instructed to do, I ended up crouched over and looking across the mountain – and thus my GoPro did do.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 22.41.12

Again, what could’ve been a nice shot of my friends with the mountain in the background, ended up as more of a shadow self-portrait.

Not ideal.

But, as the week went on I got more used to the GoPro and there is at least some usable footage that I can create this aftermovie from.

And, I do have some pretty good footage of all three of the times that I completely wiped out – so that’s good fun.

Until tomorrow. stand up straight.




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