March 24th 2017

Today I broke my lent. Well, actually, I broke my lent again. On the day after Pancake Day, Alice and I completely cleared the house of chocolate, and swore that we were going to give it up until Easter Sunday. And we did. For… like a week.

The next week I went on a skiing holiday, and on the first morning I kinda sorta accidentally ate three pain au chocalats without realising that I’d given up chocolate for lent. And then I kind of sort of had pain au chocolat for breakfast every day of my trip, and even had a chocolate fondant for dessert one night. Oh, and a Nutella crepe. Don’t tell Alice.

You can’t be expected to keep up with lent whilst you’re on holiday, can you?

The good/bad news is that Alice broke her lent whilst I was away too. She’d had a couple of hot chocolates – which she swears doesn’t count anyway, but I reckon she’d’ve had some biscuits too. To be fair to her, you can’t expect to keep up with lent whilst your boyfriends on holiday and you’re stuck at home alone, can you?

We’ve done a little bit better since I’ve been back from holiday. We’ve not sat and snacked on chocolate in the evenings like we did previously, which was kind of the point of giving it up. But, occasionally, if we’re out to dinner and we want a dessert that has chocolate in it… oh go on then.

Tonight, we sat down to relax, but decided our relaxing Friday evening would be greatly improved by ice cream. So we walked to the garage down the road and… boom.


To be fair, there’s only a little bit of chocolate in Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. And we didn’t give up ice cream, we gave up chocolate, so…

…we’ve failed this. Massively.

I don’t like failure. It annoys me. If I’ve set myself a challenge I like to see it out. Hence why I’ve gone 813 consecutive days of uploading a blog post on here, I challenged myself to do it every day and so far I have.

But I couldn’t even go 7 days without breaking my lent, and you’ve only got to make it to 40.

Until tomorrow, I don’t even really like chocolate that much.



One thought on “Lent

  1. This sounds like something that you should be curious about. I just listened to a great podcast episode that your post reminded me of. #61 of the 10% Happier App by Dan Harris. Super good stuff on their about addiction and eating and stuff.


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