March 25th 2017

Today I sat and wrote fiction for the first time in about a year. I came home last night really motivated to sit and continue with one of the multiple unfinished novels I’ve got on the go, but life got in the way and I didn’t have time. This morning Alice went out for breakfast with her family so I found myself with a spare few hours to sit and write.

Although, I had to spend the first hour of that time sitting and reading. I have the first 11,000 words of a novel that I started three years ago, and I wanted to carry on with that one today, but I had to sit and read those 11,000 words to get myself up to speed, relearn the characters, and their voices, and figure out where I was going with the plot. Fortunately, for this novel I also had a ‘plan’ document, and a ‘notes’ document that reminded me kind of where I was going.

When I was caught up, fully breakfasted and fully caffeinated, I just sat and wrote. And it was easier than I remember. I got about 2000 words down. They probably weren’t the best 2000 words in the novel, but it was just good to make progress on it.

With me, the tricky bit has always been just getting around to sitting down and doing it. Once I’ve started, I enjoy it, and I’m good at it. But it’s getting to that point that has always been difficult. This morning I was actually looking forward to writing. I’d been thinking about it all week, and I’ve been waiting to start up again since we moved into thins house. After Christmas I sorted out my office so I’ve got a nice space to sit and write, and so far I’ve only used it for these blogs. This morning was the first time it got used for fiction.



It only took about an hour of actual writing time to get down those 1500 words. That’s… not a lot of time. If I could commit to an hour, sat at this desk every day, I’d finish another novel in no time. These blogs I write every day don’t take very long at all and they’re usually around 500 words. If I… If I… If I…

I would’ve wrote for longer – I was in the mood to – but Alice got home from her breakfast and wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine. As much as I was enjoying writing, her idea sounded a lot better. Especially in the new spring weather.

It was nice to just wander round and take photos, I’ve written enough today so I’m just going to dump a load of photos here to finish. (Please note, any photos that you might classify as ‘good’ were probably taken by Alice, but I did try)

Until tomorrow, today was a good day.


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