March 26th 2017

Today began British Summer Time. The day that the clocks go forward is always a good day, because it signifies that we’re now in the good half of the year. Basically all of the six months of Day Light Savings Time is miserable. It’s cold, it’s wet, and even though the whole point of DST is to, y’know, S the D (save the daylight…) it’s always bloody dark at 5pm anyway.

Today though, that changes. The first day of Spring was a few days ago, and BST began today. At 6pm I was driving to my Mum’s house to wish her happy Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!) and the sun was out, I had my sunglasses on, the window open, music up loud, and it was just a really great time to be alive.

The sun just makes me happy. Summer just makes me happy.

I woke up early this morning and really didn’t want to go for a run, I’d had an hour less (?) sleep, and Alice woke me up ridiculously early because she was off to Bath for the day. So, I was grumpy and unmotivated, but I looked outside and… it was too nice not to go out.

I’d originally planned to do 15km, and I only got 7km done, but 7km is significantly better than the 0km I would’ve done if it was raining.

FullSizeRender 79.jpg

You can say all you like about Christmas, and Snow, and open-fire chestnut roasting, but Summer >>>>>>>>>> Winter, no question about it.

My seasonal cycle starts with BST, and ends with DST. I don’t really see Spring or Autumn because Autumn is always miserable, and Spring is basically Summer.

It’s amazing how a little bit of sunshine can change your outlook on the day/your life/the universe.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 22.23.02.png

Until tomorrow, it’s just a shame that it never lasts…



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