March 27th 2017

Today Alice and I went for an early evening walk around the town. It was still light out after we’d eaten dinner, and it looked so lovely outside that we didn’t want to waste our evening inside, so Alice suggested that we go for a walk.

We live in such a beautiful, picturesque place, and we’ve not really taken advantage of that since we moved here. Other than my infrequent weekend runs, and a couple of trips to the town centre on a Saturday morning, we’re rarely out and about in town together.

Tonight we walked away from town around couple of the backroads, behind the fields and the river, and looped back around into town. In Cirencester there’s something called the Hare Festival walk, basically it’s a couple KMs walk from one side of Cirencester to the other, and along the pathway there are these decorative hares dotted about the place. They’re ceramic or something and have been individually hand painted.

FullSizeRender 80.jpg

We didn’t have the energy or inclination to walk the whole way, but there’s about 8 or 10 in total. Even some of the shops in the town centre have them. It’s a really quaint little feature of this small market town that we’ve found ourselves living in. Alice works in the town, so she sees this all every day, but I don’t often get to see it, so I really enjoyed just wandering around and exploring tonight. And it was a lovely night for it, too.

When it started to get cold, we dipped into our favourite restaurant for a coffee and shared a chocolate fondant.


A walk and a coffee doesn’t sound like a particularly thrilling or revolutionary way to spend an evening…

Until tomorrow, but I loved it.


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