March 28th 2017

Today I’m frustrated with this skiing aftermovie that I’m making. I’ve been back for three weeks now, and I’ve worked on it every other night, but I still can’t get it right. It still comes down the to the fact that I didn’t get good enough footage, which is because of the fact that I wasn’t comfortable enough skiing to hold the GoPro on a selfie stick whilst I did it. Instead, I mainly got footage of my feet.

I watched a load of other skiing aftermovies for inspiration and it frustrated me that their footage was just a lot better.

I realise that I’ve moaned about this a few times before on this blog, but each post is supposed to be a representation of my day, and that is what my day consisted of. Frustration. It’s mainly frustrating because there’s nothing I can really do. I can’t get better footage. I want to go back and be better at skiing which will enable me to be better at filming which will give me better stuff to edit together for this aftermovie, but that’s not really possible, y’know?

Instead, I have to work with what I’ve got, and what I’ve got is mainly slow motion shots of the group at the beginning and end of a run. And not even the cool slow-motion. What I do have, is footage of me falling over a lot. I only actually fell over three times, and they’re all on camera. But the video is going to portray that I fell over a lot more than I actually did, because, y’know… comedy.

I can’t include the super-cool-slow-mo-jump-shots, or the rapid-fast-ski-carving-shots – because I don’t have any – but what I can include is good old, fall on your face, shout out in pain EPIC FAILS.

Until tomorrow, which is quite indicative of my current mood.


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