March 30th 2017

Today is Alice’s 23rd birthday. It’s the first birthday we’ve celebrated since we moved in together.

We started it with pancakes. That’s a pretty good start to any birthday, imo.

Then, we went to Bristol Zoo.

I’m fairly sure I’ve never been to Bristol Zoo before, but Alice has, and she loves it. Alice just loves zoos – we both do, but she gets so, so excited by them. It’s adorable. She just loves animals, and wants to take them all home with her.

Bristol Zoo is famous for it’s gorillas – it’s one of the reasons Alice wanted to go there. The main silverback guy, Jock, has been there 31 years or something. Apparently, in Gorilla terms he’s somewhat of a celebrity.

The reptiles and fish are always surprisingly enjoyable. I even got a photo of two lizards kissing.


We tried our best to get a selfie with a penguin, but they’re too damn nippy. The photo of Alice with a seal came out a little bit better though…


The ‘awww cute’ moments of the day came with the Kangaroo and it’s baby, the meerkat, and the sleeping Capybara.

We watched the monkeys being fed, and it turns out that some monkeys eat living creatures – who knew? This one Golden Lion Tamarin looked us straight in the eye as he dismembered a moth. It was both creepy and pretty majestic, seeing the circle of life like that.

And of course, at the top of the food chain, is the lion.

The lions were gorgeous. They came right up to us at the edge of the glass enclosures. Without the glass between us I could’ve reached out and stroked them – probably wouldn’t’ve done, though.

They even got close enough for a selfie.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that lions like that shouldn’t be in a box in Bristol whilst some bellend takes a selfie with him. And although we do like Zoos, we’re acutely aware of the moral and ethical issues that come with them. Bristol Zoo do a lot of conservation work, but they all say that. At the end of the day, it’s a business. I paid an entrance fee where ‘some of it goes into conservation’, but the rest goes to the shareholders, I guess.

Nevertheless, we loved our day at the zoo. We drove home and went out for dinner to our new favourite restaurant, with Alice’s family. We had this sharing meal of ‘Cotswold Chicken and tenderstem brocolli with cream and mushroom sauce’ It was goooooood.

I hope that Alice enjoyed her birthday. At the very least, I enjoyed her birthday – which is worth something, I guess.

I wanted to make it special for her, because I know it would be weird for her not waking up at home with her family. I hope that I did that.

Until tomorrow, Happy Birthday, Alice.


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