April 1st 2017

Today we went on a night out to celebrate Alices birthday.

Eighteen of us went to dinner at Pizza Express.

IMO that’s far too many people to adequately fit around a table and still be able to converse with them. Paying the bill was stressful as well.

Then like half of us went to this club where they were playing Kill Bill on the big screen. We walked in at the start of The Bride’s battle with the ninjas, and between trips to the bar we managed to catch most of her fight with Q-Ren, which is like the best bit of the movie.

The film was muted, and the DJ in the club was playing old school classics. So the aesthetic didn’t really match. It was hilarious to me that the fight choreography between he ninjas and the bride fitted pretty well with Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”

We then went to a karaoke bar. The plan was always to go to the karaoke bar, actually. Steve, my sisters boyfriend, said yesterday “nobody plans to go to Star Bar, you kind of just end up there” but he underestimated how much my girlfriend likes rapping Eminem songs in front of a crowd whilst sipping jaegermeister.

I, of course, did not participate in any of the singing. I just busted some shapes on the dance floor. Y’know? Or, y’know, not…

I got told by 3 different people tonight that I ‘look intelligent’

I’m claiming that to be a good thing, although I understand that I could also take it to be a bad thing. When I chose my outfit for tonight and did my hair, was I trying to ‘look intelligent’? No. I wore an AllSaints tshirt, ripped jeans and converse. And glasses.

It’s the glasses, I know.

I’m always acutely aware whenever I walk into a club that I’m the only person in there wearing glasses – and it always surprises me. How do other people see???

I wish I didn’t have to wear my glasses out, but I need to see things.

Until tomorrow, “you look intelligent”.


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