April 3rd 2017

Today I’m annoyed with the fact that I have to pay utility bills. When we moved in, I set everything up so that everything comes out of our account on the same day. The 3rd of the month. Today. All of our direct debits, standing orders, utility bills, rent, my phone bill, my car tax, my car insurance, Alice’s car insurance, council tax, water, gas, electricity, internet all get paid for today.

The actual act of paying for them is relatively seamless. My salary goes into my account on the last day of the month, and then it comes right back out again on the 3rd working day of the following month.

I go to work, I look forward to payday, payday comes, and then my money goes again. It’s kinda annoying, this ‘adulthood’ thing. No one ever told me that it would be this expensive.

Every time I get my pay slip there’s an ‘amount earned’ section that tells you the total amount you’ve earned so far that tax year, and every time I see it I just think… where the fuck did that go? Well, I know the answer to that hypothetical. My landlord, the council, the water company, the gas company. British Petroleum. I spend a stupid amount of money on petrol.

Since the start of the year I’ve said to myself that I’ll get a new car in April. Well, it’s April… and I don’t think I can handle another Direct Debit. Not because I can’t afford it, but because it depresses me. You know what else is depressing? Tax.

Literally (probably) every working adult in the western world can relate to that. On top of the things that I have to pay for to survive (food, water, electricity, internet) I pay for things that I choose to pay for (Spotify, phone bill, car) and then I have things that I for some reason have to pay for although I have never expressed any desire to do so (tax, taxes, taxations). It’s annoying. You know? You know…

Life was so much simpler when my Mum bought me food and showers were free and I didn’t have to turn the microwave off at the plug because it wastes electricity. Actually, I had to do that last one when I lived at home too.

It’s almost six months to the day since Alice and I moved into this house, and I’m trying very hard not to think about the holiday we could’ve gone on if we hadn’t moved out.

Until tomorrow, pay your bills.



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