April 4th 2017

Today I pulled over to take a photo of the sunset. I was driving home from football, and it looked really pretty, so I had to take a photo to come home and show Alice.

Unfortunately, the photo didn’t quite do it justice.

Sometimes it’s worth just stopping for a moment to stare at the sky. So I stopped my car, got out, walked down the road to a better viewpoint and just stood there for a couple of minutes watching the sun go down.

My life is so interconnected, technological, and screen-focused that it was so nice to just see nature, see life, see the world. That probably sounds really hippy, but I don’t care.

I stood there, completely alone, and watched the sun go down. In all of the craziness and excitement of life, sometimes it’s worth just standing still for a bit, and watching.

FullSizeRender 92

Until tomorrow, I’m glad I got to experience that.



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