April 9th 2017

Today my dad came round to do all my DIY for me. Back in February I locked myself out of my ‘man‘ drawer – or, the drawer in our house where we keep Alice’s screwdrivers

I tried and failed to get into it, over and over. I did the best I could, but getting into the drawer was beyond my realms of masculinity. 

So I got my dad to come round and do it for me. 

His method was more ‘brute force’ than mine, but it was far more effective. 

He also tried and failed for a little while, and then he got annoyed and just tore the damn thing open with his bare hands. Not only is he more practical than I am, he’s also more determined. My dad doesn’t let things beat him, and he’s not one to give up. 

So, he got in. Meanwhile, I was playing keepy-ups with a balloon leftover from Alice’s birthday. 

I did cook a pretty awesome steak this evening, so I’m not a complete failure of a man. 

Until tomorrow, tear it open with your bare hands.


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