April 11th 2017

Today is my Grandad’s 79th birthday. That sounds really old to me, but also really young. Like, people regularly live to 100 nowadays, 79 is nothing. Plus, he started aging backwards when he reached 60 so technically he’s 41 now, which is no age at all. He always told us that he started to age backwards from 60, and it’s always been a thing within the family. I even wrote ‘Happy 41st birthday’ on his birthday card.

Thinking about it, I was four when he first started aging backwards, but we’ve always remembered it and kept it going. It’s cute.

I call him ‘old man’ instead of ‘Grandad’ most of the time. That’s not in a mean way, it’s a thing we do. I say ‘hello old man’ and he says ‘hello young man’ and I say ‘Are you alright?’ and he says ‘I’m alright, are you alright?’ and I say ‘I’m alright, are you alright?’ and we carry on like that. Or I’ll say ‘Grandad’ and he’ll say ‘Grandson’ and I’ll say ‘Grandad’ he’ll say ‘Grandson’.

Tonight was the first time I’ve seen him in a while, and I feel really bad about that. Before I started full-time work I used to see him every Tuesday when we went to the driving range together. It’s Tuesday today and he told me that he’d been there earlier, and it made me sad that I can’t go with him anymore.

I love spending time with him, and I don’t really get to do that anymore.

My cousin was there and he’s got a new car, a fast car, and he offered to take me out for a drive. Grandad wanted to come too, even though my cousin had already taken him out for a drive before I got there.

FullSizeRender 95.jpg

‘Not too fast,’ Grandad said as we got in the car, which kind of defeated the purpose of why we got in the car. But, it was nice to just have a drive round and spend a bit more time with him.

What a guy.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday, Grandad.



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