April 12th 2017

Today we hosted Kirstyn and Steve for dinner. (my sister and her boyfriend) It’s somehow the first time that Kirstyn has been to our house since the day we moved in – in October – and it was Steve’s first time here ever. I guess we kinda sorta never invited them round…? Whoops.

Anyway, we invited them round tonight – and only partly because Kirstyn was house-sitting for us during the day because we had the gas man coming round and Alice and I were both at work. So we (Alice) cooked them dinner as a thank you.

It was nice. We don’t often have people round, because we left Swindon and none of our friends live there anymore anyway – they have to take a special trip home from London just to come round. We had Thai Green Curry, and watched the football, and played Crash Team Racing on the PS2 and watched the football, and had cheesecake and —

oh shit I was supposed to make coffee but I totally forgot. Whoops, sorry. I hope I’ve mentioned their names enough in this blog post that they forgive me for that. They get kind of competitive, so if one of them gets a mention and the other one doesn’t… y’know…


In other news, I sold another book today. My second ever book sale. The first copy I sold was to my aunty at the start of the year, and I sold another one today to a long-time family friend – effectively an aunty.

When I got home and told Alice that I’d sold another book she kept saying ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool’ – and I guess it is. It’s really cool. I needed her to say that for me to appreciate the gravity of it. That literally makes me a professional author (in some ways). 

I self-published and self-printed a load of copies of my novel, and I’ve mostly been giving them away to family members for birthdays and Christmases because it’s simultaneously a super-thoughtful and super-easy present to give someone.

I’m mainly just thrilled that people are interested in reading it. That means more to me than making any money out of it. Making money is nice because it makes it feel more real, more official, and that makes me feel pretty good. Pretty special.

Until tomorrow, thanks Jill xx.



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