April 13th 2017

Today we finished working on issue 3 of FEED, my monthly online magazine. For a while I was struggling for content for this issue, mainly because a lot of my writers are final year University students and it’s currently dissertation season. We got there though – although I did have to contribute one article myself. That’s not a big deal, I’ve just always taken more of an editorial role, and the content has come from others.

I’m worried that next month I might face similar issues, because it’s still dissertation season. Poor kids, I don’t miss that at all. I mean, saying that, I never actually had to do a dissertation, but I can relate with the Uni grind…

Despite all that, I’m really happy with this month’s issue. I feel like we’re really settling into our design so that each issue has the same feel, but are also still adapting it so that we can break the rules within our rules, and broaden our scope, kinda thing.

And the content is broader too. I’ve been worried about issues being too sport-focused in the past, and that’s a consequence of the fact that the only writers I know are sports writers, but between us we’re diversifying, and branching out, and developing on new topics and ideas, and I think it’s working well.

I’m beginning to get quite proud of this little project, you know.

I am, of course, extremely grateful to my designer and my writers because with the exception of the article for this issue, I’m just a glorified spell-checker in this process.

Until tomorrow, that’s at least partly true…



To read previous issues of Feed Magazine, visit

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