April 15th 2017

Today I released the third issue of my monthly online magazine.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 20.21.11.png

No matter how heavily they market the new series of Game of Thrones: winter is over. In March, the cold, miserable winter months melts into little puddles and spring jumps out from the droplets. And I, for one, am glad. Spring is great. Spring is my second favourite season. Spring is almost as good as summer. When spring arrives, the sun comes out and all the flowers are fresh and new – and that’s the theme of this month’s issue of FEED: ‘Fresh’.

We discuss the latest innovations in culture, including: how sport (page 4) and video games (page 22) are becoming more virtual than reality, why you need to just embrace the Apple Overlords and the USB C (page 12), and the rise of influencer marketing on social media (page 10).

As well as this, we take a look at the innovation behind the Nintendo Switch (page 20), a freshened up Top Gear series (page 16), and an emerging trend in football analysis (page 6).

To view March 2017’s edition of FEED Magazine, visit

Until tomorrow, keep innovating.




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