April 18th 2017

Today I was reminded that England can be fucking beautiful at times.

On the day that Theresa May announced a snap election for June 8th, I was on the south coast of England, ignoring politics and debate, and just enjoying the beauty. We drove to Bournemouth and were sat on the pier when Theresa did her little speech. I cared about it for all of ten minutes, and then went back to concentrating on the British coastline. Oh, and we played minigolf.


When we got back to Swanage later in the afternoon we went out for a run. We climbed the hills to the top of Old Harry Rocks and looked out over the Jurassic Coast.

It’s very easy to forget how beautiful England can be.

The views from the top of the rocks made the run there worthwhile. For a long time we just sat with our legs dangling over the cliff-face, basking in it.

As well as the views, we were entertained by a guy doing backflips in a paraglider. I had to psyche myself up for letting my feet dangle over the edge, so I respected his cajones for doing backflips with nothing but a glorified kite to keep him alive.

Both social and news media was dominated by Brexit, and Elections, and Labour and May and June today, so it was comforting to be away from it all, at the top of a cliff on England’s jurassic coast.

I grew up in a town large enough to be a city. I don’t get to see things like this very often.

Until tomorrow, it’s worth remembering…


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