April 19th 2017

Today we came second in a pub quiz, and – as expected – I got super serious about it. Mainly about a couple of controversial questions.

There was one question: “Name the 5 countries on the UN’s list of countries that begin with the letter D.” I put Denmark, Dominican Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, my teammates told me to put ‘Dominica’ but I didn’t think that was a correct answer (turns out, it was), so I left it blank to come back to it.

Denmark, Dominican Republic and DR Congo were correct, and the other two answers were ‘Dominica‘ and ‘Djibouti‘. Fair enough, I didn’t get Djibouti and I should have put Dominica, but I am absolutely fuming that they didn’t accept ‘Democratic Republic of Korea’.

After the quiz, when they called out the answers, I put my hand up and questioned it’s validity. I knew that DPRK was it’s proper name, but all the quizmaster said was ‘its not on my list’ –  I even showed her the Wikipedia entry for North Korea that says ‘Officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ 

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 00.03.46.png

I promise that I’ve not just made a Wikipedia account to edit that to prove myself right – I was actually right. And I’m annoyed about it.

I think, possibly, the discrepancy comes from the fact that the DPRK is not a country in the UN (obviously… for obvious reasons) and maybe that’s what the question was asking for. Except it didn’t. It said ‘on the UN’s list of countries’ not ‘of countries in the UN’. If it said that latter, I could just about accept that my answer was wrong, but the question – or the way she asked it – was only after a country name.

As you can see, I’m understandably angry about this.

My second bit of outrage came after the music round had been scored. We swapped scoresheets with the table next to us, so that we could, y’know, score each others answers. The music section of the quiz was scored out of 50, and split into two sections. The first section you got one point for naming the artist of the song, and one for naming the title of the song. In section two you got one point for naming the television programme for which the song was a themetune of. Make sense?

The team whose answers I was marking failed to answer three questions on the first section and three questions on the second section. Giving them 34 on the first, and 7 on the second. And 41 total.

I gave it back to them and they said ‘you may want to check yours again, because you’ve added ours up wrong.’



I went over to their table to investigate. They said ‘oh, yeah we actually got 43, you missed two points’ I felt like giving them the old ‘I literally have a degree in Maths’ speech, but just settled for condescension instead.

‘You failed to answer three questions on the first section and three questions on the second section. Giving you 34 on the first, and 7 on the second. And 41 total.’ 

Oh yeah,’ she said. ‘That’s a smarter way of doing it. We just added the ticks up one-by-one.’


That kind of thing shouldn’t annoy me, but it does. It’s further questioning of my intelligence, and I was already stressed out over the DPRK thing. Like I said, I got super into it. The worst part was that they were the winning team. And we came second to them. Their prize for winning the quiz was a free round of drinks, but they decided they didn’t want the drinks and just left the pub.

Naturally, I’d assume that if the first placed team refused the prize, then it would go to the second placed team (us) but apparently not.


Until tomorrow, “officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea“.



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