April 23rd 2017

Today my hamster escaped from her cage. She’s got this annoying new habit of climbing on top of her little hut-house and grasping onto the bars at the top of her cage, and nibbling on them.

Although it looks cute (and hilarious) to see her hanging doing unassisted chin ups from the bars on the roof of her cage, it’s kind of annoying because 1) it’s loud, because she scratches and bites at the bars, and 2) I’m worried she’s going to fall. She inevitably does fall, but I’m worried that she’ll hurt herself.

I am also kind of wondering if she’s some kid of super-hamster, because she seems ridiculously intelligent and agile. Not only can she hang upside down from the bars like Spider-Man, but she can escape from her cage.

Because she kept gnawing on the wires and hanging upside down from them, I assumed that she wanted to escape, so I tested to see what would happen if I left those bars open. (I’ve had a very productive day, as you can tell…)

Amazingly, she got out.

What she does is pretty clever for a creature with a brain the size of a garden pea.

First, she moves the little ball thing into the right position, and then climb on top of it. But because it’s spherical she’s figured out that she has to position it with the hollow entrance hole at the bottom so that it doesn’t roll over when she stands on it. It also has to be positioned underneath the rim of the hole in the top of the cage.

giphy (1).gif

When she’s on top of the ball, she lifts herself up, onto the rim, and with an impressive show of upper body strength lifts herself out of the cage.

giphy (2).gif

I’m seriously considering entering into next year’s Britain’s Got Talent. She’s a genius!

Lola: The Amazing Spider-Ham.

Hamster Parkour.

I think I’ve found my million-dollar idea.

I think it’s also quite obvious that I am far more entertained by this than anyone else, but she’s my hamster and I think she’s cute.

Until tomorrow, she’s also kind of magical.




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