April 26th 2017

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He and Mum are currently in their motorhome somewhere in western France, they’ve been on holiday since Good Friday. Their entire trip will be nineteen days long in total. I don’t remember a time when they’ve been away for that long by themselves. It’s nice.

Before this year my Dad was self-employed for ten-ish years, meaning he could never take a day off never mind a holiday, but now that he’s employed he’s been able to get away for a well-earned break.

Now that we kids have all moved out and grown up (so to speak), my parents are living their lives. They’re free to drive as far into France as they can, knowing that we’re all settled in our own lives now. They’ve done their jobs raising us, now they get to live.

I’m not sure I can wait until I’m 52 to start living my life. I’m 23 now and I’ve barely even begun.

We got a couple of photos from them, Dad had mussels for lunch and a fish-finger sandwich for dinner. I’m not sure about the former, but the latter is an elite birthday meal.

They seem to be having a great time, and I’m glad. Part of me thinks they might not come back. Dibs on the house!

Until tomorrow, happy birthday Dad.



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