April 27th 2017

Today I met some distant family members that I didn’t know I had. My Grandad text me last week inviting me and Alice out for dinner, I thought it was going to just be me, her, him, my sister and her boyfriend, but when we got there there was 13 people around the table including two people I didn’t recognise.

It turns out my second-cousins are over from America visit my Grandad. I wasn’t previously completely aware that I had second-cousins, but it was nice to see them anyway. I’m not even sure that they’re my second-cousins, but that sounds about right. I think they are my Nan’s cousin’s kids.

Actually, thinking about it. My cousin’s kid is my second cousin, I know that much… so… one second, I found this handy little diagram.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 22.32.51.png

Third cousin once removed. My great, great grandparent is his great grandparent which makes us third cousins once removed because they’re one step above me on the family tree.

They’re also 5,000 miles west of me on the family tree, because they live in North Carolina.

As a side note, that technically makes me an international author, because they wanted a signed copy of my book to read, so my Grandad gave them his copy, and they brought it to dinner for me to sign. It was massively awkward, but it’s kind of cool that when they take it back on the plane on Sunday that there will be a copy of my book in America.

That’s really cool, come to think of it.

Grandad wanted all of the grandchildren/cousins to sit together in the middle of the table so we could get to know eachother, but having dinner with 13 people is always difficult because there’re so many conversations going on over and across one another. I kind of got to speak to my third-cousin-once-removed and his wife (don’t ask me what that makes her to me…third-cousin-once-removed-in-law?). 

It’s kind of weird to think that I’m distantly (by geography and blood) related to these people but I’ve A) never seen them before and B) will probably never again, but I’m glad that I got to meet them whilst I had the chance.

And I’m glad that they wanted to read my book, even though I’m fairly sure my Grandad would’ve forced it upon them.

Until tomorrow, I am an international author, kinda.


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